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Welcome, on this site you will find all your duke needs.You will find the best of the best in here. Shut down all your search engines becouse this is the place to be ! Best vieuwed in 800x600

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Tuesday 02-04-2002

Well, instead of working on duke-zone I am now working as much as I can
on a level. Maarten and Merlijn van Oostrum did their part so now its up to me to do my part of the level (Expect to be extremely good!). But don't worry,
meantime someone else will update this site, or atleast I hope so he does....
And when I am back I will add the rest of the collection awesome maps in one update (30 levels) which means the map section will be done. Later ! 

Friday 22-03-2002

Sorry for the late update but I had virusses, I finally changed my connection,
I had  lots of homework and had relation problembs. But don't worry I now found a little bit of free time to update this site. For now 5 new maps : Aquabase 16, At At walker, EDF secret base, Space Showdown and last but not least Militairy Madness ! So check em out...

Friday 08-03-02

Alejandro just completed a DM-map.  Really a DM map ! It's not his habbit
but it's perfect for  a DM level,  it's again awesome plus this level has everything a DM level should have, It looks pretty fun....(He's amazing us every time!) So guess what, lets DM tomorrow-evening ( Dutch time) in his level and reward him with kickass demo's ! 

Download the level NOW !

Dukematch in here ! ( The duke's room )

Send in your kickass demo !

Sunday 03-03-2002

Guess what, maps R-Z are uploaded ! Meaning this section is done ? Ummm  nope, I still got a bunch of maps which I need to check out... Currently 116 awesome maps ! Duke-zone will continue fighting to get all best levels of the world ! Oh a question for you : Do you think a perfect level excist ? Well Alejandro proved it with his Militairy Madness level. I am so happy that the hard work is almost over. It's a while ago since I played over the net. Come and celebrate and play on zone against me or other ppl this weekend Saturday evening (Duth time). Later !

Dukematch here ! (The Duke's room)

Saturday 23-02-2002

Much updates! Maps M-P are now unlocked. If you see a level that is not uploaded yet,  dont contact me becouse if I skipped a level it is probably becouse I found that level later, those levels will be added after I have done the rest. What are you waiting for ? Check them out ! I also updated the interact (see right). So fill it in to test your knownledge. As you can see Duke-zone now has a counter at the bottom of this page. Alejandro Glavic will soon update his site with a brand new level. Since I beta tested it I can say IT ROCKS ! So stay tuned at his web-page.


Saturday 16-02-2002

A very good update: the maps from F to L are unlocked !
Checkout. Note that if you have download problems it is probably becouse our f2g server is down. You should come back later on that day then. Anyway check the best maps now !

Sunday 10-02-2002

Since it's taking longer than suspected to complete the map
section, I unlocked maps from A to E. While I am working further uploading and taking screenshots to complete it,
these maps will make you busy for a while. Have fun !



How long does the game exist ?
Who is the creator of Build ?
How many episodes are there in the latest version ?
Which is the latest version ?
What does RPG stand for ?
How do tou call the monster on this page ?
What is the sector limit ?
Who is the author of the Roch maps ?